As long as I can remember, I’ve externalized my todos.

Starting with a humble list on a piece of paper, I’ve dabbled with Getting Things Done, Hipster PDAs, Zen to Done, Bullet Journals, and other systems.

Along the way, I’ve tailored and tweaked, looking for just enough structure, preferring pen and paper when possible, and using digital tools where they add unique value (primarily sharing and scheduling).

My most recent iteration has served me for about four years, and while there is no one productivity system to rule them all, this one has shown its scalability and stability over the years and seems worth documenting.

For easier consumption (and writing), this will be a multi-part series:



I would look at high expense ration active funds as the gambling that they are. If you have money to loose and want to step up to the gambling table go for it. You might even get lucky! Of course, the house (fund managers) always win though.

If you are looking for something that has a higher success rate then I would stick with my recommendations. To be clear though, there is plenty of room for risk taking within index funds f that is your aim. You do that by by weighing heavily towards stocks.

For instance, the vanguard 2065 target date fund is 90% stocks and 10% bonds right now. You can read a quick overview of risk/return and asset allocation here:



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