THE BEST Mac Terminal Setup for 2022



I was a late adopter of zshbut now that it is the default on Mac I took the plunge. My minimal .zshrc can be found here but there are a few pieces worth pointing out.








Better CLI Tools

The one place I stretch beyond minimalism is collecting CLI tools. I’m a sucker for a better CLI tool replacement and there has been an explosion of new ones recently, primarily from the Rust community.

  • hub — A wrapper around git which adds GitHub niceties like open to jump to the repo on You’ll want to use this fix to make huband zsh play nicely together.
  • bat — A syntax highlighting clone of cat and can stand in for less
  • delta — A syntax highlighting pager for diff-ing
  • fd — A user-friendly version of find
  • htop — An interactive replacement for top
  • procs — A modern replacement for ps
  • exa — A modern replacement for ls
  • ripgrep — An improved grep
  • dust — A more intuitive version of du
  • duf — A better df alternative
  • prettyping —A pretty wrapper around ping

Happy Hacking

Let me know if there are other terminal tools out there that you can’t live without. I’m always on the hunt for the next improvement to my setup.



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